Print Sampler

Replace pre-printed stationery with electronic templates

Document flow automation

Print Sampler is a straightforward, intelligent and powerful tool that makes it easy to work with document templates and automated document processing in a digitalised work day. Print Sampler is part of MPI Tech ScopOffice.

Replace pre-printed stationery with electronic templates

Pre-printed stationery usage is a source of various problems such as stock management, obsolescence, physical manipulation and misuse, and add to that the cost of buying pre-printed stationery compared to buying blank paper in bulk.

Print Sampler standardises the usage of document templates making document creation fully digital. Print Sampler rationalises document creation, workflow and printing processes, reducing costs.

Submit a multiple page PDF spool file to a Print Sampler queue then let Print Sampler automate an otherwise tedious and time consuming task. Use the Print Sampler indexing facility to index, split and search for variable content on each page. At the same time templates are applied based upon the content. The result is multiple individual output files complete with required overlays and add-ons ready to print, e-mail or archive, or all of the above. 

Preview results before you print, send or archive One of the main features of Print Sampler is the possibility to preview the document before printing or saving as PDF. The preview function saves not only time but valuable resources. The PDF file is fully searchable and thus easy to archive and retrieve.