Print Tracking System

Cut Waste,Track Printing, Save Money

Print Tracking System is designed for businesses and organizations who need to track print job costs by account (client / project, department, job / issue / matter, phase). It works by allowing users to allocate their print jobs to accounts via popup client software and no more wasted budget resulting from uncontrolled and irresponsible printing. Print Tracking System provides the technology to control the use of network printing. Organizations may choose to implement Print Monitoring and Control System with different monitoring models. These range from silent monitoring, to quota enforcement, or charging on a pay-per-use model. Print Tracking System also help you to control the quota, as the user exceeding their credit are automatically denied access to the printing. The printing solution, caters from 10 users up to 10,000 users or above depend on your needs. It includes setting up a print server in your existing network and integrate with all existing network printers (even different models) in the college to instantly enables .

Current Research

Annually, 40 - 60% of printing is discarded because it is unnecessarily printed. Paper waste generated by unmanaged print and copy facilities is enormous.

The smarter way to print

PaperCut makes it easy to manage your devices without the complexity .

Reduce print costs

Allocate printing to departments, cost-centers and users with shared accounts.

Report on usage

By user, department, device or environmental impact