E-Payment Printing Solution

DIS Infosystem Pte Ltd Developed E-Payment Printing System in 2005

E-Payment Printing

A Network Printing Facilities offer to student within the campus to print their document from their wireless or wired notebook/PCs. Student will pay their print job via their ezlink (SMRT) card when approach the Print Release Station PC at the designated area. Student can send their Print jobs from any student station (wired or wireless) on he network that has access to the printers or queues monitored by E-Payment Printing System.

E-Payment Print System assists you maximizes printing cost recovery. With the various payment method, you can select the right and suitable payment method for easy collection. This system enable student to E-Payment print their documents in a responsible manner to avoid wastage.

Nowadays, Learning Institutions & even Commercial sectors are more and more conscious on cost recovery and earth friendly driving them to adopt ways to manage and educate not to print to waste but only what you need.

In the School campus, with our E-Payment Printing Solution, wired and wireless networking printing can be implemented offering to student printing service.

E-Payment Printing System aim at leasing printers to the consumers with the right payment method.