E-Printing Solution

Using Touch N Go card to pay for the self-priting services.

Why Pay & Print Solution ?

    The Solution excels in the following characteristics:

  • 1.   Economical in terms of ownership, a local built system
  • 2.   Easy to maintain & easy to implement system
  • 3.   Able to customized locally or upgrade to cater changes
  • 4.   continue to improve and enhance for market demand
  • 5.     Allow users to select and print or select and cancel their print jobs
  • 6.   Student can send their Print Job via WIRED or WIRELESS PC/Notebook
  • 7.   Allow users to identify their print jobs by the owner name (PC or logon ID), file name, number of pages, cost, timestamp of the print job and printer number.

Developed Touch 'N Go payment for the Pay and Print System by locally experience team

Our Pay and Print System advantages

  • 1.  Support all PCL/PS Drivers – major or all brands of printers
  • 2.   Support printers features- N-up ( 2-4 merges pages)/duplex and others print features
  • 3.   Error log/History Records available to support users & administrator
  • 4.   Work closely with local payment provider
  • 5.   Locally support by team of experience programmer and support staff.
  • 6.   Our Pay and Print System support customizable Screen to customer preference
  • 7.   Our Pay and Print System support multiple Print Job Display Screen at Printing Room/Library –this help student to approach the least crowded Print Release Station to print avoid congestion
  • 8.  Our Pay and Print System support all major brand of Printer Manufacturer
  • 9.   Self revenue generation

Why Pay & Print?

  • Print Cost Recovery, e.g. reduce unwanted or unnecessary print jobs
  • Provide better print quality & services through well maintenance printers
  • Provide monitored & controlled printing services – Print then release function
  • Provide a mechanism to allow you to maximize your available resources
  • Provide wider choice of printing services, e.g. color print, etc
  • Simple detail collection of Job release in excel sheet from Pay and Print Station