Touch N Go E-PhotoCopy

Self-Service Photocopy with Touch ‘n Go Card Payment

Campus Self-service photocopy makes it easy for the school to configure a system to meet the many different requirements from the student need. Students simply insert the Touch ‘n Go card into the reader without go through the administrator to providing the highest level of the service to the users. Using Self-Service Photocopy with Touch ‘n Go card payment save you lots of time and hassle. .

How To Photocopy with Touch N Go Card

Step (1)

Approach to photocopy machine with the Touch ‘n Go payment system

The Next....

You would see the instruction request you to insert the card before you start.

Step (2)

Insert the Touch ‘n Go Card fully into the reader until you hear a click sound.


At the SCREEN, the Reader will read your card balance


The screen of the reader will show you the balance of your Card.

Step (3)

Place your document in the tray and select the option that you want to copy.

Step (4)

Click on the button to proceed


Pop up Screen shows you the job you select is completed.


The screen of the reader will display the number of copies.


The next screen will show you the amount deducted.


Finally the next screen will display the transaction successfully .

Step (6)

Press the eject button/ The card balance( after the deduction) shows on the screen.

Step (7)

Remember to remove your card and collect Your Job.